Intelcom Tracking Montreal

Intelcom Tracking courier service was originally founded back in 1986 in Montreal, Canada, and the company has been one of the best in its fields since then. 

Delivering almost 5,000 parcels per day across the country, chances of delays are always possible and that is why, to avoid any inconvenience, Intelcom offers tracking services which allows users to know the current location of their parcels. 

Keep in mind that tracking numbers is an essential part when trying to track packages and you must not misplace that. Almost all of the orders are normally delivered between 24 to 48 hours under normal circumstances. 

Intelcom Tracking Montreal- Contact number 

In order to contact Intelcom Montreal, you will have to call at their toll free number which is (514) 807-6086 or 1-833-622-1570. Also, you can visit their corporate office which is located at the following address: 291 Rue De LA Montagne #100, Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Furthermore, the customer representatives can also be accessed by emailing at [email protected]

Intelcom Montreal- Company logistics 

Intelcom started as a small startup in Montreal then Intelcom Ontario now which has grown to a nationwide delivery service till today. 

What makes Intelcom successful is its tech based innovations and efforts to achieve customer satisfaction. The company’s customer service representatives take every query and problem seriously and work hard to overcome the issue. 

Furthermore, the efforts put forward by Intelcom Express Montreal in adopting sustainable plans is another key reason why people prefer this delivery service over others. The company is committed to providing eco-friendly services and reducing as much carbon emission as possible. 


No matter if you want to ship a small package or a larger one, domestic delivery or an international shipping service,  Intelcom Tracking Montreal is the best option for you. 

The company is one of the most reliable and the fastest delivery services in town and you will receive your package within 24 to 48 hours of confirmation.

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