With Intelcom Tracking , sending anything from one place to another has become much easier. The company started its services back in 1986 and has since been sending almost 4 million parcels across the globe. Not only this, the service covers 4,000 Canadian towns and cities and is one of the largest courier services in the country. Following is a detailed guide on Intelcom Tracking service, its service hours and price ranges. 

Intelcom Tracking

intelcom tracking

As far as the origin of Intelcom Tracking is concerned, the company was formed back in 1984 by a number of Russian immigrants. Today, the company is one of the leading ones across the globe. Daniel Hudon is considered to be the founder of the company however, Canada Post bought 50% of shares of the company back in 2000. This partnership enabled the company to expand its services in more than 250 cities across the country and enhance its brand name. Today, the company makes almost 4 million deliveries per year and has grown to a significant extent. 

More about Intelcom Tracking 

Intelcom tracking is a very popular courier service in all of Canada and you will surely be familiar with it if you are a resident of Canada or have shopped there. Even Amazon uses this courier service to ship its products all across the country. Normally, the delivery service is pretty quick and the parcel won’t take more than one or two days. You will receive your package within the same working day or the next. That is the prime reason why people and big brands opt for this courier service.

How to find your Intelcom Tracking number?

As soon as Intelcom gets your package, they will provide you with a certain tracking number. In case someone else is sending something to you, make sure you ask them to email you that tracking number along with a confirmation. Don’t hesitate when you don’t find that tracking number in your emails because that mail may go to your junk folder under certain instances.

So make sure you check all of these folders in order to find that. In case you didn’t find that email anywhere, hop on to contact the sender of that particular package in order to know about it. For further assistance, you can also call the Intelcom Support center so that all your queries can be resolved. 

Track Intelcom package from USA, UK, and Canada

You don’t have to worry about your parcel being lost anymore, as Intelcom Express tracking service allows its customers to track the package as soon as it is shipped. All you have to do is to open (Brand Name) and enter some necessary details in order to track your parcel. Keep in mind the tracking number provided to you by the sender of the package so that you can enter that along with the location details in order to know about the package. 

Duration of Intelcom package deliveries 

Intelcom Express is a big name in the market and is known for its fast and efficient services. Most of your online purchases would be delivered through this service and the delivery does not take more than 48 hours. You will either receive the parcel the same day or the next day of confirmation. Also, their delivery service is available throughout the week from 8 a.m to 9 p.m. In certain cases, the receiver is not there to pick up the parcel and under such scenarios, the delivery guy will either leave the parcel in some secure location or will leave behind a notice of that package and deliver the package the next day. 

Customers can contact the customer support service for further details about the package. If the customer fails to collect the package the next day too, it will be kept in the office for about 7 days. Keep into account that the above mentioned facts are not any hard and fast rules and exceptions are possible under certain cases. In case of some unwanted situation like unpleasant weather conditions or other problems, delays in the delivery service may take place however, the service may not take more than 14 days in such scenarios. 

How to contact Intelcom Express?

In case you want to contact Intelcom Express, you can call them at their customer service helpline number which is 151443705096. You can also contact them at 18443705096 which is totally free. Their customer service is available Monday to Friday from 8 a.m to 11 p.m and Saturday to Sunday from 9 a.m to 8 p.m. You can also email them at [email protected]. Moreover, you can also visit their head office through the following address: 200-1380 William Street, H3C 1R5 Montreal Quebec, CA. 

Is Intelcom Express service expensive?

There are many speculations that Intelcom is an overpriced delivery service. Intelcom provides services in Canada and USA to almost all of the countries in Europe. They don’t charge any extra shipping charges and their rates are quite affordable. The amount of money charged on a package depends on the weight of the package and the location to which you are sending it. For example: if you want to send something to Germany weighing almost 500 grams, the delivery service will cost you $16-19$. The price differs due to the varying locations.

People have developed a certain sort of trust on Intelcom Express and they don’t even bother comparing these rates with other delivery services due to the reliable services provided by the former. All the other delivery service companies present in the market aren’t that safe (packages may get lost under certain scenarios) and they don’t deliver in the due time. Their service may take more than 2 to 3 days when the promised time is 48 hours. 

However, no such issue is there with Intelcom Express which delivers the package within the same day or the next. Also, if you want to avail the free shipping package of Intelcom Express, make sure your parcel may not be more than 500 grams in weight (which is a good quantity to send all your documents). 

How to track my Intelcom package without a tracking number?

Tracking numbers is one of the most essential aspects in finding your package and in case you have lost it or haven’t received it, you won’t be able to track your package anymore. Unfortunately, there is no way to track your parcel without a tracking number. It is for this reason that you will have to contact the sender again in order to get your tracking number. If not this, you can also contact the Intelcom Express helpline or customer support service in order to get your tracking number. 

Why can’t I track my Intelcom package?

Many issues may be there behind this problem with the key one being the wrong tracking number. Customers tend to enter the wrong tracking number and then worry about the parcel not being tracked. This happens when you fail to copy the full tracking number or miss some words when entering the number. Make sure you recheck the number when doing so. Not only this, other issues may also be the reason behind the failure to track your package. 

Sometimes, the seller has not yet informed Intelcom about the package and since the company doesn’t have the parcel, it won’t be tracked too. This normally happens when you place the order on Friday night and Intelcom will receive the package on Monday because the service is closed on weekends. No matter what happens, make sure you wait for some time and then contact the customer support service in order to avoid any inconvenience. 

What to do if you missed an Intelcom delivery?

Missed an Intel com delivery? Well, there’s nothing to worry about. Unlike other courier services, Intelcom keeps a record of all the parcels and there’s no chance of your parcel being misplaced or stolen at all. Moreover, Intelcom will also try to send you the parcel about 4 times. In case you have missed all four of these deliveries, then no other service will be made to you. You will then have to contact the customer support service yourself and get your parcel. Sometimes, it happens that your Intelcom parcel never arrives. Although the chances for it are pretty low, you must try to contact the customer support service immediately to avoid any inconvenience. 

Lost Intelcom deliveries

There is no doubt in the fact that courier services are very occupied and engaged in a number of activities. A lot is happening in a single place and under such circumstances, it becomes difficult to keep a track of every minor detail happening. Although various measures have been taken to avoid any unwanted situations, inconveniences happen.

Technology can aid to keep a track of everything but it cannot help prevent the loss of things. As soon as your order get delivered to your home, an email or text message will be sent to you by the company. Even if you are not there to pick up your package, the delivery person will find some secure place to put your package. There is no need for signatures since the deliveries are mostly contactless.

Theft is a very common problem all over the world and there is no way to avoid it. It is better that you keep a track of your package and take it yourself as unwanted situations may arise otherwise. 

International deliveries

Intelcom makes both domestic and international deliveries. Intelcom is obviously not working alone and has a number of partners all over the globe. Thanks to this, international deliveries don’t take that much time. 

Most of the deliveries take up to 15 days maximum. Keep in mind that Intelcom is responsible for your package as long as it has it. Once it has handed over the package to a new courier service in your country, then that particular company will be responsible for it. Any delay or other undesirable situation may then be blamed to that company instead of Intelcom. 

Also, keep in mind that the weight of your parcel, its size, and the type of material plays a very important role in determining the duration of delivery. Every country has different rules and custom regulations and the time duration may vary relative to that. 

What to do if your Intelcom delivery is postponed?

Sometimes, your parcel is late not because it got lost or you weren’t there to pick it up, but because that order got postponed by Intelcom. There may be multiple reasons behind this. Some of the reasons behind the postponement of your parcel are

  • The driver may be unable to arrive through the route provided. 
  • The driver couldn’t find the location properly. 
  • The customer wasn’t there to pick up the order and the driver was unable to find a safe place to put the package. 
  • The parcel got lost or stolen. 

What’s the maximum time for an Intelcom delivery?

Normally, Intelcom deliveries won’t take that much of time and will arrive within 1 to 2 working days. For international deliveries, the maximum time is 15 days and not more than that. Above this time limit, the delay may occur to the courier company of that particular country. In case your delivery has taken more time than this, then the company will label your parcel as In Transit. This will normally happen if you are sending your parcel to a very far away place. The parcel, under such circumstances, has to go through various processes before arriving at the final location. It will have to be sent through airplanes, railways, transport trucks, and other courier delivery vehicles. Every one of them can take longer than expected time under some instances.

Why choose Intelcom?

Intelcom is a tech driven service that is ahead of all others in the market. All of the services provided by the company are pretty innovative and their method of work is very different that makes them stand out. 

Also, Intelcom is certain to provide the most reliable services, with fast and efficient deliveries. Through the usage of route optimization technologies, the company minimizes travel time to deliver the parcel on time. Customer satisfaction is Intelcom’s top priority. Intelcom do not let their employees work on quotas so that they can complete their work more efficiently.

Services Offered

The company offers a number of services. 

Same-day and next-day delivery

All of the parcels of Intelcom Express normally get delivers either on the same day or the next day. The company provides delivery services within 48 hours all across the United States and Canada. 

Express delivery

Sending a package quickly to any part of the globe is now possible with the Express delivery service provided by the company. Just opt for whatever sort of delivery service you want and the company will handle the rest. 

International shipping

International shipping services are also possible with Intelcom. All of the documentation processes are done by the company. However, the rules and other custom regulations may vary depending upon the country. That is why, the time of delivery may also vary. 

Last-mile delivery 

Last-mile delivery refers to the type of service provided by the company which ships orders from the warehouse to a particular location like a customer’s home. 

E-commerce services 

Big companies find it quite hard to manage their work. Intelcom offers E-commerce services for such businesses that handles every detail of their work ranging from management of items in warehouses to order processing and shipment. 

White-glove delivery 

Want to send some sensitive or fragile items to someone but worried about doing so? Well, with the white-glove delivery service there is no need to worry about it anymore as the company will exhibit extra care and protection for these sensitive items. 


How many times will Intelcom attempt delivery?

Intelcom will try to deliver your package 4 times and not more than that. In case the driver finds some safe place, he will hide the package there. If not, he will return back with the package. You will have to contact the customer support service and take your package yourself in case you fail to pick it up after 4 times. 

Does Intelcom leave packages at the door?

Yes, Intelcom sometimes leaves packages at the door. This depends on the agreement made with the seller. The package will only be left at the door if the seller finds some safe spot to leave it.

Otherwise, the delivery person will take the package with himself to return it to the warehouse and will deliver it again the next business day. 

How long does Intelcom take to deliver once out for delivery?

Intelcom usually delivers the package within 48 hours. The delivery services take place from Monday to Friday from 8 am to 9 pm. In case your parcel was handed over to Intelcom on Friday, it will be handed over to you on Monday. 

Who uses Intelcom tracking?

Intelcom has a large customer base Services with big brands like Amazon also using it for delivering the parcels. Not only this, other famous names like Landmark Global and Pitney Bowes (which ship parcels for eBay and Etsy) are also Intelcom’s clients.