Intelcom Belleville 

Founded back in 1986, Intelcom Belleville has contributed a lot to the logistics service. Delivering excellence in almost all shipment service fields, this company has become a go to for everyone living in Belleville, particularly because of the fast and efficient services offered by Intelcom

The e-commerce industry has seen a massive boost in the past couple of years and more and more people are shifting towards online modes of shopping. This has also given rise to various sorts of crime and people now stress upon finding the right company which can deliver their parcel safely. 

Intelcom Belleville – providing reliable services since 1986

Intelcom Belleville has established its name in the logistics industry and is considered one of the most trusted names out there. 

As far as its areas of expertise are concerned, Intelcom masters in single day and next day delivery services and the vast network of its workers spread across the country make shipment much faster. 

Also, Intelcom is working hard to reduce its carbon footprint and become more environmentally sustainable, through the usage of electric and hybrid vehicles. 

Services offered Intelcom Tracking Belleville

Following are some of the services offered by the company:

  • Same day delivery: You can choose the same day delivery service to get your parcel within 24 hours of ordering. 
  • Next day delivery: The same day and next day delivery services are opted by those who want their parcel to get delivered as urgently as possible. 
  • E-commerce solution: Intelcom has partnered with various online merchants to deliver parcels in time. All of the processes including taking the parcel, storing it in warehouses, and then delivering it, are undertaken by Intelcom. 
  • Tracking your order: Intelcom also allows users to track their parcel through the tracking number provided. Users can enter this number on their official website’s tracker which will provide all the necessary details about shipment.

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