Intelcom Tracking Ontario

Intelcom Tracking Ontario is a shipment service which provides door to door parcel delivery service all across Canada. Tracking your package with Intelcom is quite easy and all you have to do is enter your shipment details to know the current location of your order. 

One of the best features about shipping with Intelcom Tracking is that it offers a very fast delivery service, with the orders delivered within 24 to 48 hours. All of the shipments are normally scheduled for the same day or the next and the delivery guy will attempt at least 4 times to deliver the parcel. 

In case the Intelcom customer Service is unavailable all 4 times, then the person has to contact customer support for further assistance. 

More about Intelcom Tracking Ontario

The company was originally founded in 1986 and since then, Intelcom Tracking Ontario has been providing safe and reliable services all across Canada and beyond. 

An essential aspect about Intelcom Ontario which must be taken into consideration is that it uses modern technological solutions to perform its day to day tasks and that is why, the chances of errors are significantly reduced. 

Normally, the delivery takes place within the same day or the next but in case of unwanted events, the parcel may take up to 14 days and no longer than that. Contacting Intelcom Ontario.

Contacting Intelcom Ontario tracking requires you to call at their toll free number which is 15143705096 or 18443705096

Since the company has a huge customer base, the chances of their number being busy are considerably high and you can try alternative means for this purpose. 

You can either access them by emailing at [email protected] or by entering your query in the search box available at their official website. 

You can also contact us by email if you need any information or help regarding Intelcom London Ontario.

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