Intelcom Tracking Edmonton

Intelcom is a logistics company that has been in business for a long time. The company excels in door to door shipment services and has been providing the same in various cities across Canada, including Intelcom Express Edmonton. 

Intelcom Tracking Edmonton is possible through the tracking service provided by the firm which allows you to locate the exact location of your parcel, eradicating the room for worries. This makes intelcom courrier canada inc edmonton highly transparent and reliable. 

Intelcom Tracking Edmonton: How does it work?

Intelcom is a large company with over millions of customers across the country and the very key reason behind its success is the high rate of customer satisfaction. 

This is particularly because of the fact that Intelcom has managed to attain reliability through its fast and secure services. 

In case you are wondering how the exact procedure of Intelcom works, take into account the following details:

  • The customer first places an order with Intelcom and a shipping or tracking number is assigned to that particular package. 
  • Then, the shipper hands over the parcel to Intelcom and that particular tracking number is entered into their system too. 
  • Intelcom also updates this package information on their official website so that the users can use their tracking number to find more details about their package. 
  • The driver will then deliver the parcel within 48 hours of confirmation and the company will use the tracking number to find out that the parcel was delivered to the right location at the right time. 

Contacting Intelcom Edmonton

In case you want to contact Intelcom Edmonton, make sure you head over to their official website. If not this, you can also call at their intelcom edmonton phone number which is (587) 341-4205. Their official location is: 9303 28 Ave Edmonton, AB T6N 1N1. You can also email them at their customer support gmail which is [email protected].

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