Does Intelcom deliver on weekends

does intelcom deliver on weekends, Intelcom is a Canadian delivery service that is known for its fast and efficient shipment solutions. They have a large customer base all across the globe and thanks to the tech based innovations, tracking your parcel isn’t difficult anymore.

As far as their delivery days are concerned, it depends upon the type of service you choose as Intelcom has two types of options:

Does Intelcom deliver on weekends?

The standard delivery package offered by Intelcom normally delivers within 2 to 4 days for domestic destinations and within 15 days for international ones. This delivery normally takes place on weekdays (from Monday to Friday) which means that in case you ordered on Friday it will be delivered the next week on some weekdays. 

However, exceptions are possible under certain circumstances when the deadline has to be met immediately. 

Same-day Delivery 

Another type of delivery service offered by Intelcom is the same day delivery. Customers can select this service if they want their parcel to be delivered immediately. Same day deliveries normally take place on weekends. For example, if you ordered on Saturday, your parcel will be delivered the same day. 

However, one essential aspect to take into account is that such type of delivery options are not available everywhere and Intelcom provides this service in a limited number of locations. Also, the same day delivery service is somewhat more expensive than others. 

Accelerated Delivery 

The Expedited or Accelerated delivery service by Intelcom can take place on weekends too, as it is the fastest shipment solution available. This type of delivery normally takes place on the same day, I.e if you ordered on Sunday, it would be delivered on Sunday too. 

Accelerated deliveries charge an extra cost and users must check Intelcom’s website before ordering to avoid any inconvenience in the future. 

How long does it take to deliver by Intelcom Express?

The reason why Intelcom has such a large number of customers is because of its fast and efficient services.

Normally, the company delivers within 48 hours of order, which means that the customers will receive their order either on the same day or next. Their standard delivery hours are from 8 am to 9 pm from Monday to Friday. 

However, the same day deliveries take place on weekends too. The delivery person tries to deliver about 4 times and if the person is unavailable all 4 times, then the delivery guy.

will either hide the package somewhere safe and in case there is no safe place around, the person then has to contact the customer support for his package. 


To conclude, the day of Intelcom deliveries depend upon the type of service chosen by the customers. Standard deliveries normally take place on weekdays while the same day or expedited deliveries can provide shipments on weekends too. Delays are always possible due to various factors including extreme weather conditions etc.

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