Intelcom Customer Service 

Intelcom Customer Service 

Intelcom is a Canadian company that provides door to door parcel deliveries and shipments. Intelcom Customer service is one of the most essential factors in determining the strengths of a company and as far as Intelcom is concerned, they have strived to attain customer satisfaction in all fields.

They have created a separate task force which handles the issues faced by the customers and how to overcome them as quickly as possible. Contacting Intelcom will require you to either call on their toll free number or visit them through their official website. Following is a detailed guide about Intelcom’s customer service and how to contact them. 

More about Intelcom Customer Service 

Intelcom has a customer service team which is there to assist you in case of any query and their working hours vary depending upon the location and time zone one is present. Not only this, Intelcom is trying to implement tech-based solutions in its company to avoid any sort of inconvenience faced by the customers, so there is no need to contact customer service anymore. 

Although their customer representatives are there to aid you through call, live chat, or email, the company has introduced other ways to enhance customer experience. These ways include the introduction of an online tracking system so that the customers may know the exact location of their parcel and the estimated time of its arrival. 

Moreover, there’s an online portal where users can ask their queries and get answered immediately. This online portal will also aid in providing shipping labels and pickup date schedules. 

Contact Information 

In order to contact Intelcom Express Customer Service, make sure you call them on their toll free number which is (514) 807-6086 or 1-833-622-1570

Their customer service is available Monday to Friday from 8 am to 11 pm and 9 am to 8 pm on weekends. You can also open their online portal by visiting their official website which can be accessed through

Their corporate office can also be visited at the following location: Intelcom Courrier Canada inc. 200-1380 William Street Montreal, Quebec H3C 1R5 Canada. Moreover, they also have social media accounts on Facebook and Instagram and you can visit these pages for further info. 

Reasons people contact Intelcom Customer Service 

According to a survey conducted by the department, following are the major reasons why people contact Intelcom Express Customer Service:

  • People are concerned about the shipment and delivery of their packages (32%). 
  • People want to either replace or return their package (6%).
  • Customers are asking for some kind of information (6%).
  • Customers want either activation or cancellation of their parcel delivery. 
  • Other reasons (52%). 


Is Intelcom part of Canada Post?

Although Intelcom was founded as an independent company by Daniel Hudon in 1986 and had no relations with Canada Post, the latter bought almost 50% of Intelcom’s shares back in 2000 and are now partners. 

How many times will Intelcom attempt delivery?

Intelcom will attempt to deliver the package almost 4 times and in case the customer fails to pick it up after all 4 attempts, then they will have to contact the customer service branch for further info about their parcel. 

Why is Intelcom tracking not working?

In case you are facing difficulties in accessing Intelcom tracking, that may be because your parcel won’t have reached the warehouse yet. Try waiting for a day and check again. 


Overall, Intelcom Express has a very responsive and efficient Customer Service department. The company takes customer feedback seriously and strives to improve the areas of lack. That is the core reason why Intelcom is one of the leading shipping companies in the country.

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