Intelcom Tracking not working 

sometime intelcom tracking number not working because of wrong tracking number or there is an server issue. Intelcom Tracking Express is a courier service which has been operating since 1986. With over 4 million parcels and envelopes delivered each year, Intelcom is considered a very reliable company when it comes to shipments. 

Almost 4,000 Canadian cities and towns are covered by Intelcom and it makes international deliveries too. Customers can track their order by opening their tracker. However, under some instances, the order cannot be tracked. The following guide will aid you to deal with all such problems. 

Why is Intelcom Tracking Not Working?

intelcom tracking not working

Tracking an Intelcom package isn’t that arduous and all you have to do is open their site and opt for the tracking page. From there, just enter your tracking number (which was provided to you when you shipped your order) in the search box available and tap on Track. 

Normally, the tracking number is something similar to INTLCMA059233648. Keep in mind that all of Intelcom tracking numbers have initial letters INTLCMA which are then followed by a series of numbers. You will normally receive your package within 2 to 4 working days. 

Extreme weather conditions or other unwanted situations may lead to a delay in your package. You can easily track your package through the above mentioned method and in case you are unable to do so, that might be because of the fact that the parcel hasn’t yet arrived at the warehouse. 

What to do if you can’t track your Intelcom package 

If you are facing difficulty in tracking Intelcom Express packages, consider following the given steps

  • Try refreshing the page: Maybe there is some issue with your internet connection and you can refresh the page to check if it is working now. 
  • Check the tracking number: Most of the time people enter the wrong tracking number in the search box. Make sure you double check all the letters twice to see if everything is alright. 
  • Call their helpline: If none of the above 2 methods are working, you can call on their helpline number to convey your problem. Their customer service number is Montreal- 514 370 5096. You can also access them through their toll free number which is -1844 370 5096. 
  • Check their app: You can also download their app in case their site isn’t working. Just create a free API account and track your package through it easily. 
  • Email them: During busy days, their customer service number is normally busy. Under such instances, you can email them at [email protected] to convey your problem. 
  • Visit them: If you have tried everything and have still not received your package, the last option that you have is to visit their office. You can go to their address which is 200-1380 William Street, H3C 1R5 Montreal Quebec, CA. They are open Monday to Friday from 8 a.m to 9 p.m. 


Intelcom Express normally delivers a package within 2 to 4 business days. In case you weren’t there to pick up your order, they will make 4 attempts to deliver it.

Tracking the order is pretty easy however, under some instances when your order can’t be tracked, make sure you contact them at their helpline number. 

Keep in mind that tracking certain shipments such as international ones is not possible and if you have doubts whether your package can be tracked or not, you can call at -1844 370 5096 to confirm.  

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