Intelcom Warehouse

Intelcom is one of the leading shipment services available all across Canada and provides international services too. The company is mainly known for its reliable and transparent services, all thanks to the warehousing system.

In this world of rising e-commerce, the transfer of goods from the merchant to warehouse to the targeted destination safely is important.

Thanks to the state of the art technology used by Intelcom warehouses, no such problems arise and almost 99% percent of the customers are satisfied with the performance. 

Insight into Intelcom Warehouse

Intelcom Warehouse is an advanced technology based and streamlined package delivery process. These warehouses are the locations which are used in the storage as well as transfer of packages from one place to another.

Basically, these places are the hub for receiving and sorting out the packages and then forwarding them to the targeted places. Thanks to the advanced technology used in these houses which ensures the smooth flow of packages from one place to another. Also, the role of employees cannot be denied during the process, who continue to perform their tasks in the most optimized way and strive to attain customer satisfaction.

Sustainability Measures 

Intelcom knows how real climate change and how important it is to keep up with the sustainability measures. In line to the commitment with the environmental sustainability, Intelcom continues to perform its operations in the most carbon-free way possible.

These practices include the usage of energy efficient lighting system, minimizing waste production as much as possible and trying to recycle things. Not only this, the company also tries to adopt as much Eco-friendly measures as possible to reduce its carbon footprint on the environment. This will aid in contributing towards a greener future. 

Security measures taken in Intelcom warehouse

Intelcom keeps the security of their customers as its first priority and strives to adopt the latest technological measures for this purpose. The warehouses of the company contain some of the best security measures and any chance of theft is not possible at all.

What’s best about the company is that it is so much committed to attain customer satisfaction that it strives to implement whatever sort of security measures possible. 

There are advanced surveillance systems installed everywhere as well as some high resolution cameras which keep a check on everything happening around. Access control mechanisms further aid in preventing unauthorized access.

Deterring theft is one of the top most priority of the firm and various more measures are adopted to ensure the integrity of the parcels in transit. Above all, strict quality control measures are taken and the parcel is undergone through various tests so that no sort of inconvenience occurs further. All the parcels are delivered in pristine condition without any sort of fault. 


In conclusion, Intelcom warehouses are some of the most safe places out there as the company strives to deter theft as much as possible. To add to all this is the sustainability measures taken, which reduce the carbon footprint on the environment. 

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