Intelcom Beloeil

Transform your life with this popular Intelcom logistics company that is committed to bring convenience at your doorstep. If you are also a resident of Beloeil, we have some really good news for you. 

Intelcom Beloeil is a door to door shipment service that is surely going to ease your way of living. Committed to attain customer satisfaction, Intelcom has strived hard to sustain its reliability throughout the years. 

Streamlining last kilometer delivery service in Beloeil, Intelcom is best known for its fast deliveries as well as its transparent tracking system. You don’t have to worry about your parcel being misplaced or delayed at all as the safe work environment provided by Intelcom Beloeil, Quebec is something really commendable. 

More about Intelcom Beloeil

Resident of Beloeil, Quebec, Canada and still don’t know what Intelcom is? Well, you are surely living in the dark. Intelcom is a last mile delivery service currently operating in Canada, USA, and France and offers domestic and International delivery services. 

Among the other popular features offered by the company, the fast and efficient tracking system is one of them. Its main focus is still the Canadian market, which is where the brand basically originated. 

Intelcom Tracking Beloeil sustainability solutions

Another essential aspect to take into account about this Canadian service is its contribution to attain sustainability. The pollution level across the globe is increasing at an alarming rate which has led to the overall environmental degradation. 

Climate change is finally happening at a fast pace and in order to cope up with such a dilemma, Intelcom has introduced various sustainability solutions into its platform. One of these includes the usage of Eco-friendly vehicles, including those which are electric or hybrid powdered, to minimize the carbon emission into the atmosphere. 

Other similar technological innovations are also adopted to reduce the environmental impact by the company. 

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