Intelcom Ottawa

Intelcom Ottawa is the best option for all the online retailers present out there, thanks to its fast and efficient delivery services. With a complex network spread across 4000 cities and towns, Intelcom Tracking Ottawa is committed to keeping transparency in its work.

Technology-driven approach to logistics 

Intelcom’s fast and efficient services may be attributed to its technology driven approach to logistics. The company strives to achieve excellence in every field by using the latest innovative products. 

Also, the maintenance of this large delivery network is also possible through the tech based solutions installed in the company. With machine learning algorithms and other advanced analytics, Intelcom manages the data of all the residents. A tracking solution is also provided so that the users can track their parcels and get to know about the estimated day of delivery. All of this makes the company highly transparent and reliable. 

Specialized delivery options 

A number of services and delivery options are available at Intelcom, some of which are:

  • Same day delivery:

In case you have some urgent matter and want your parcel to be delivered immediately, then you can opt for the same day delivery service. Keep in mind that although this service is provided within 24 hours, it would be a little pricey as compared to other delivery options present out there. 

  • Next day delivery: 

Another service provided by the company is the next-day delivery service, which will normally deliver the goods within 48 hours. Normally, Intelcom deliveries take place on weekdays and there are offs on weekends. However, in case the customer wants the parcel to be delivered on weekend, he can opt for the option in their menu. 

  • International delivery services:

Intelcom also offers international delivery services for people who want their parcel to be delivered overseas. In case you have ordered some product from abroad, there is no guarantee of the time taken by that particular company to deliver it. However, as soon as the parcel is handed over to Intelcom, it can be tracked easily and will be delivered within 48 hours of confirmation. Intelcom offers services from over 200 countries across the globe, making its network highly complex and large. 

  • Scheduled delivery services:

Users can also schedule their delivery date and location as per their requirements. For example, in case you have to go somewhere and aren’t available for a number of days, you can schedule your delivery to a particular date and add a location so that you can receive your parcel on that day. 

  • Storage and distribution: 

Intelcom also provides storage and distribution services to various e-commerce businesses. 

shipment service that provides all sorts of deliveries depending upon the requirements of the customers.

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