Intelcom Delivery Hours

Intelcom is one of the leading logistics companies operating all across Canada and best known for its safe and reliable shipping services. The tracking services provided by the company are highly commendable particularly due to the ease and reliability provided by it. 

Intelcom Delivery Hours

Intelcom has a very efficient customer support program which can be accessed 24/7. The following article deals with the delivery hours of Intelcom along with their customer support availability.

Working Hours of Intelcom

As long as Intelcom’s working hours are concerned, they have a standard operating time ranging from 9 am to 5 pm from Monday to Friday. 

Intelcom does not operate on weekends and if you are expecting to receive your parcel on these days, you are surely wrong. However, some delivery services also provide the parcel on weekends too, which can be chosen from their website while ordering. 

Keep in mind that these delivery days and working hours may vary depending upon the situation, and delays may be possible in case of some natural disaster, weather uncertainties and other unwanted conditions. 

Delivery Time Intelcom

Intelcom is best known for providing really fast and efficient services. The Intelcom delivery Hours time varies depending upon the type of service chosen by the customer. 

There are standard and expedited delivery options and users can choose whatever they want depending upon their interests. While the former service delivers a package within 1 to 5 business days, the latter can prove to be much faster by delivery within 48 hours of confirmation. 

Keep in mind that the fee charged for these services may also vary depending upon the service you opt for and the weight of your parcel, along with many other factors. 

Their efficient customer support team will assist you in case of any query and you can either contact them through their official website or by calling at their toll free number. 

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